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Foursquare With 5 Million Users

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Google Software Heads for Iran

The lifting of sanctions imposed by the U.S. export controls and sanctions programs, which earlier prohibited software downloads has been welcomed with open arms by Iranians. In a country where the media is under strict government control, the internet provides a safe avenue for the dissemination an.... More »

Zuckerberg Faces Scraped by Lovely Faces

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Wishpond Launches New Commerce Widget Featuring Local Offering

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Selling Domains to Make Money

How much money can you make from selling domains? This is a business model that has generated a lot of controversy simply because there are those who deliberately infringe on an existing company’s trademark (domain name) with the hopes that they could eventually profit from the sale. However, thi.... More »
Revealed: How to Use Twitter’s New Search for Greater Social Exposure

Revealed: How to Use Twitter’s New Search for Greater Social Exposure

Twitter is arguably one of the most powerful sites online today, but the microblogging platform’s search function has always left something to be desired. Never fear: Frost Li (a Twitter engineer) posted an announcement on the official Twitter blog that would effectively erase that problem for goo.... More »

Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley announced at the LeWeb conference in Paris that Foursquare had surpassed the 5 Million user mark. He was careful to distinguish between registered IDs and actual users and said that although the location based site had over 5 million registered IDs, they were very close to 5 million active users. This is a marked difference from the number of users at this period last year, which got to five hundred thousand users.

Foursquare is becoming increasingly popular with businesses, especially the brick and mortar ones who are using location based to encourage visits to their locations. But even online businesses are becoming creative in their use of location based networks to attract traffic to their sites. Do you use Foursquare or any other location based social network for your business?


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