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Foursquare With 5 Million Users

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Facebook Beats Google in the UK

Facebook topped Google in the UK to be the most popular site on Christmas day. This is an amazing feat considering Google is about Search and people are always looking for stuff online. In the UK however, Facebook seemed to embody the spirit of Christmas for online users, far more than Google did. .... More »

Twitter for Sale! Top Bidders: Google and Facebook

Google and Facebook are in a hot dash to acquire Twitter, rumours has it. The two web giants are out to outdo each other in what would most like determine who will become the King of the web jungle.   Twitter recorded an outstanding 200 million subscription in 2010. According to the report, Googl.... More »

Understanding Twitter’s Promoted Tweets

If you are considering using Promoted Tweets from Twitter as part of the marketing campaign for your business, it might be a strategic decision as the program could be an invaluable marketing tool, as disclosed by Mongoose Metrics, an analytics firm. The firm, one of 20 beta testers for Twitter’s.... More »

Facebook and TripAdvisor Team Up

Facebook recently teamed up with TripAdvisor to let users get advice and reviews from friends when planning tips. TripAdvisor shows a list of a user’s Facebook friends and the places they have visited. This way, users can easily find a friends review of a destination and read about their experienc.... More »

Bing, More Accurate than Google in Search Results

Bing’s search results are said to be more accurate than Google’s. This was the conclusion Experian Hitwise arrived at when comparing the accuracy of search results displayed by Google and Bing. It is true that Bing has enjoyed an outstanding growth in their market share value in the last couple.... More »

Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley announced at the LeWeb conference in Paris that Foursquare had surpassed the 5 Million user mark. He was careful to distinguish between registered IDs and actual users and said that although the location based site had over 5 million registered IDs, they were very close to 5 million active users. This is a marked difference from the number of users at this period last year, which got to five hundred thousand users.

Foursquare is becoming increasingly popular with businesses, especially the brick and mortar ones who are using location based to encourage visits to their locations. But even online businesses are becoming creative in their use of location based networks to attract traffic to their sites. Do you use Foursquare or any other location based social network for your business?


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