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Get paid to promote Google TV?

Google TV is almost with us and Logitech is going to be running a contest which they are calling “Host with the Most” and they will put its Google TV Revue in the hands of their users to launch it and to have people show off what they do know.


There will only be three winners and they will get to dedicate 20 hours a week for 10 weeks to be able to host in 50-70 marketing parties for winning the contest.


To launch the winners, Logitech will not be sending out Revue boxes to the winners but will be letting them invite friends to a company loft in Lost Angeles, San Francisco and New York where the Revue units will be installed.  This seems like an even bigger perk then just being in the top 3.


All you have to do to get chosen is to tell Logitech why you should be one of the winners and be able to divulge the details of both their Facebook and Twitter pages. Oh yes, that’s another rule you have to be on Facebook to even enter.


Logitech is planning to announce their host winners on September 9th which they will then follow with a public vote for all of the applicants and then those will be off on another round to being a finalist.


Logitech is going to give the finalists some rather great items as well, including a Webcam, notebook mouse, keyboard, speaker set, Squeezebox Radio, Pure-Fi Anywhere 2, and a Harmony One Universal Remote.  However, the actual three hosts will get an even sweeter deal with a Revue unit, $2000.00 weekly salary and a $500.00 weekly expense account while the they live out their 10 week contract, not too shabby of a deal if you ask me!


Of course there is a catch as there is with anything. The rules state that 20 hours a week and a minimum of 5-7 events per week plus daily updates on their social media accounts and blogs must happen.  So, you are basically going to be marketing for Logitech on your personal accounts. If you think about it that’s really no big deal and seems to be a pretty good deal in the end.



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