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Good News For Internet Marketers

Google's AdWords Help Center just got a lot smaller; launching a section intended to help small businesses improve their campaigns. The section is known as "Small Business Corner", and the intent is to help those running their own AdWords accounts. Users have the ability to connect with peers and share their experiences, ensuring that they're maximizing the potential of their AdWords account. Offered free of charge, this forum can potentially save small businesses a lot of money in consulting fees.

The Help Center is already buzzing with activity, with users contributing to engaging conversations regarding tricks to writing great ads, how to measure results, and with what kind of frequency they should be logging into their AdWords accounts.

What is Google AdWords? It's a way for internet marketers to create and share ads on Google-and their advertising network. Users only pay when people click on their ads. Up until recently, the service lacked little in the way of helping small businesses with their accounts, leaving them to guess work and trying to connect with others in different forums. Google takes a huge step forward with the creation of this forum, showing internet marketers they're not just in it for the big corporations.


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