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Google Adds a Virtual Keyboard to Its Searches

One of Google’s latest attributes is a new search feature that will really be of help to those who do online searches using another language besides English. If you happen to be in that group, then you will be happy to learn that the next time you need to do a Google search, you will find a Virtual Keyboard API as a component of its AJAX Language API that will allow you to type in any search keywords in your native language.


This will be an important tool for those who have online blogs and web sites for their Internet marketing businesses. By using the Virtual Keyboard, users will be able to type text into your form fields in many languages. This can bring in more potential customers.


The initial release of the Google Virtual Keyboard will include the Arabic, Hindi, Polish, Russian, and Thai languages. This is not a touchscreen virtual keyboard such as touchscreen phones have, but an onscreen keyboard that users can control using their own computer keyboard, or by clicking on each virtual key in turn to spell out what they are looking for. You can find a keyboard icon on the left corner of the screen beside the search box. When clicked, the Virtual Keyboard will pop up.



There are many reasons why those who use the Internet have problems typing in text in script-based languages that are not based upon Latin. They may not have the proper keyboard installed on the particular computer they are using. This fact has always challenged those who do web development, as until now there has been no way that can make sure that those who use the web can have access to an input technology that they can use.

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