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Google Making Counter Offers In An Effort To Retain Employees

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Attention Google employees! Thinking of making a job switch over to Facebook? It may mean a handsome counter offer from your boss if you let them know.

That’s right. Google is making generous counter offers to several of its employees in an effort to keep them from quitting and going to Facebook. Facebook is in a great place at the moment; stocks are up, revenue is high,  and there’s a huge growth in users. All of this points to an explosion in employee growth.

Google has already lost several employees to Yahoo, and now it seems Facebook is moving in on their employee turf.  While most employees stay, once receiving the counter offer, the ones that are leaving Google for Facebook are doing so in hopes that stocks are going to hit even higher numbers and the payout for them will be significant.

This speaks volumes about Google’s view of Facebook as a real threat to their employee base. Which means Google recognizes the success Facebook is experiencing and fears their employees will all see it too.


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