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Internet Explorer Boasts Yet Another Gain

Internet Explorer has posted yet a second consecutive month of gains against Firefox and other competitors.


Internet Explorer grabbed 60.74 percent of the market share in July and that is up from 60.32 percent’s share noted in June. That is almost a full percentage point since May when at that time Internet Explorer was below 60 percent in the market share.


The fact that Internet Explorer 8 is continuing to be the fastest growing browser with nearly .09 percent of an increase worldwide in July it now represents more then a 30 percent browser usage worldwide. In the United States Internet Explorer 8 has picked up its share for an amazing third month in a row.


Microsoft is doing some heavy promoting of Internet Explorer 8 which includes brand new TV ad campaigns. They had also benefited from this strategy when they released Windows 7.


Apple’s Safari had also hit a new high it is now boasting more then 5 percent of the market share for the first time which is up from June at 4.85 percent.


Mozilla’s Firefox along with Google’s Chrome lost its share in July which marked the first time in a long time that Google’s browser had failed to gain any share at all.


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