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Networking CRM Firms heads Social

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) vendors have begun to gear their companies in the social networking arena. They are starting to launch new features that will support social CRM and therefore will be able to expand to the new market with an on demand model.


With social networks sites on the rise the market is being driven to develop customer relationship management software which can be linked to the social networking sites that will support the software.


The CRM market is going will take an economic upturn in growth as opposed to its slow down since the recession crisis hit.


Sundae Solutions recently introduced Sage CRM v7 to their Thailand partner. This version will support the 360 degree access view for a customer’s data with internal organization and data for social media.


The software will support small and medium companies, permitting business configurations with specific connections and niches with other application with social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn. With this Sundae Solutions is helping to develop a connection to Facebook.


Their software will also be compatible working offline as well as online with notebooks and Smartphone, as well as iPhones and BlackBerries and the Android OS supported field service.


It will also offer options to customers such as on premise, on demand and the CRM Sage Sales Logix software which is currently on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud infrastructure cloud service.


Given the economy’s current situation as well as the very competitive market customers that are using CRM as a strategic tool will change the actions and the use of the social network websites. There is an expected surge in the growth of CRM business of a minimum of 30 percent by the end of the year.


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