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Official “Tweet Button” Launched By Twitter

Attention web site owners! Sharing your content with the world just got a lot more simple. With Twitter's launch of the Tweet Button,  users can now share links directly from the page they're on. Instead of copying and pasting the link into Twitter's website, or shortening links, users only have to click the Tweet Button, which prompts a Tweet Box to appear. In this box is a shortened version of the link that will be tweeted. A click of the button and BAM! A tweet is born.


This simplified process means that Twitter users will be even more likely to share web content with all of their followers. Which, in turn, means even more traffic for web site owners. And don't think this option is only available to corporate giants. Bloggers and small businesses, as well as those corporate giants, all have the same access to the Tweet Button. Copy and paste a few lines of code into your website and voila. You have a Tweet Button.


A Tweet Button may be a web site owner's answer to the traffic they're looking for. Each time a web site is tweeted, other "suggested websites" appear for the user. Yours may be among those suggested websites. Yet another way to spread the word on your web site quickly and cheaply. Twitter has a growing list of websites which has adopted the Tweet Button. Make yours one of them.




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