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Paid Search Clicks Competitor Reaches New Milestone just signed up their 10,000th Pay-Per-Chat advertiser and is proving that the market is open to new forms of paid search advertising.

Pay-Per-Chat is a new advertising model launched by ten months ago to compliment real-time search and the social web. It works very similar to Google AdWords in the fact that it allows advertisers to target keywords. The major difference is that instead of charging for clicks, advertisers are charged for the exchange of targeted short-text messages from consumers.

Just as with Google, Pay-Per-Chat ads are served up via keywords being searched for. Users are presented with a non-obstructive dialog box every time they perform a keyword search that matches an advertiser’s business and are given the opportunity to directly contact those advertisers with just one simple click. Consumers get personalized responses in the form of price quotes and answers from advertisers that compete for their business within seconds, not hours or days. Advertisers get keyword and geo-targeted sales leads from real people with real consumer needs.

"The overall value proposition here is a more faithfully trackable paid search advertising model for advertisers, something sorely lacking in the current Pay-Per-Click model," said CEO and founder Luis Pereira. He added, "Pay-Per-Chat is about connecting consumers with advertisers in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Self-employed individuals such as plumbers or electricians who are out in the field working may not have the time and resources to mange paid click advertising campaigns. They just may have the time however to respond to one or two SMS messages per day in real-time from a targeted lead that may result in a potential new customer. The cost per response is $0.01 cent which compared to any other forms of traditional online and offline advertising do not compare."

While paid click growth remains healthy, Pay-Per-Chat may help boost the overall market share for paid search advertising. In addition to traditional web search, the Pay-Per-Chat model and concept is ideal for both the local search and mobile advertising spaces.

via PRWeb

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