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Positive Changes Ahead for YouTube?


YouTube has experimented with its own live streams for about two years in the form of healthcare debates, a U2 concert, cricket matches, and presidential speeches. However, the service has yet to open up the live streaming to the whole YouTube population, because for one thing, the copyright liability would be completely unreasonable.


However, the live video streaming industry is more popular than ever, and startup companies such as Ustream, Livestream, and are more than living up to expectations. There are rumors going around that YouTube has plans to enter the live streaming market in a much bigger manner than it has before. The channel settings are already in place for a YouTube content producer, with a button provided for Live Streams, though at present these are enabled only for YouTube employees.


This is evidenced by a screenshot from a YouTube video about Google Moderator that has been circling the Internet. There is a Live Stream button in this screenshot, which came from someone who works at YouTube who happened to have producer access to the YouTube political channel known as CitizenTube, which often shows live streams.


For those who work “inside” YouTube, the Live Stream button is what is used when the time comes to run a live stream. The CEO of Livestream, Max Haot, thinks that the screenshot is positive evidence that YouTube has plans to launch a live streaming feature in the very near future.


With that button in place, if YouTube wanted, live streaming could be offered as a feature to trusted partners such as politicians or brands. YouTube has been known to court the favor of political candidates and their large advertising budgets with various types of campaign tools, so it would be quite logical of them to add live video to what is already available. Live, virtual city council or town hall meetings could become quite trendy, but the official word is that YouTube has no immediate plans to add live video streaming.




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