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Press Release Tips and Tricks


Are you writing press releases that get the job done? If you feel you need a bit of help in creating an effective press release, consider the advice below to make sure your press release lives up to your expectations.


You should always make the attempt to choose a subject angle that is newsworthy. Don’t make a press release read like an advertisement, as the media much prefers a story. A new event or a topic presented in a way that will pique the reader’s interest will be well received. A good angle is to show how the average person is able to use your product or service to benefit them in some way. It’s always good to insert a little emotion into a press release, for it will draw the reader into the story, and make them want to keep reading it.


See to it that your headline and the first few sentences of your press release will capture the reader’s attention. Always place the most important aspects of your press release at the beginning, and then write about the most important information. You want to capture the reader’s attention from the beginning.


Write to the media instead of tailoring your press release to general readers. Program directors, editors, and journalists are always very receptive to an interesting story or news piece to share with their readership audience. They look for such things often so as to appeal to many people.


Make certain that your press release is not long and drawn out. The best length is generally around 500 words or less, and is written in a format that is normally used for press releases. Have your information on one page, and then distribute it to search engines, and via email, fax, audio and news wires.


You’ll also want to insure that you have included all of your contact information so that if necessary, someone who knows about your business  so that they can answer any questions from the media. Your company name and address, email address, website URL and phone number will make it easy for others to contact you.

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