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Some Timely Tips For Making Your Web Site More Flexible

The success of your e-commerce business depends largely on the speed of your web site, both literally and figuratively. A web site that's slow to load is likely to be promptly closed, while a web site that's slow to be updated will most likely experience the same fate. This becomes a major factor in your SEO.


Your web site requires a million more changes than you first anticipate on start-up. The landscape of SEO and e-commerce is constantly changing, and because of that, your web site needs to change right along with it. Remember when the Google Analytics' new tracking system was made available? Or how the the "Like" button? How quickly was your web site updated to include these new features? How soon were your ready for iPad or the latest mobile phone apps? Speed matters. This is evident with the revenue-driving affiliates you may have. Those generating the most revenue to your site are generally the quickest to adapt the new SEO.


If you're reading this and realizing you're behind the e-commerce curve, here's some key areas you can focus on for improvement:

  • Be sure you have a dedicated team working for you. The web site should be their main priority.
  • Have a reasonable budget that allows you to build a quality team.
  • Have a custom CMS that quickly gives designers, merchandisers, and writers access to what they need.
  • Be sure your modules and platforms are flexible. What works now may not work in three months. Make sure your platform can change easily.
  • Have a web site "testing system" in place that allows you to fix copy mistakes and errors quickly.


These suggestions don't absolve you from great content, which is the heart of your web site. A successful site depends on much more than speed, however, without this quality, your customers may be less forgiving.



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