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Starbucks Will Offer Free Wi-Fi Nationwide

Starbucks has announced that starting July 1, every one of their stores nationwide will offer free Wi-Fi, with no time limits, no registration, and no account requirements. The company is joining other chains and brands that are offering free Wi-Fi in their stores. Back in December, McDonald’s began to offer free Wi-Fi in almost all of its restaurants all across America. The Panera Bread Company also began a program similar to what McDonald’s offers.


Both McDonald’s and Starbucks have collaborated with AT&T, which is one of the biggest providers of Wi-Fi hotspots in the USA. Starbucks was among the first to offer Wi-Fi access to its customers by way of an agreement with T-Mobile, switching to the AT&T network later. In the past, Starbucks patrons could enjoy 2 hours of free Wi-Fi while enjoying their favorite coffee beverage, but they had to either be a customer of AT&T, or possess a Starbucks card that allowed them to login. This wonderful new program will not require any sort of registration at all, and has the potential to please many people.


The CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, also announced that the company has plans to start a new Starbucks digital network this fall in a partnership with Yahoo that will be in addition to the free Wi-Fi program. Once live, the new network can only be accessed by those in the United States. Starbucks customers will have free and clear access to paid services and sites such as and other providers of content on their laptops, tablets, or phones.


The goal of these new services is to bring the Starbucks in-store experience online. Patrons can access many paid services in categories like entertainment, music, lifestyle, business news, and more. As the launch date gets closer, more content providers will be unveiled by Starbucks, who wants nothing but the best for its customers.

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