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Twitter Launches a “Places” Feature

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It may have taken a few months of innuendo and insinuation, but Twitter is finally ready to show off its latest new and important venture into the world of geolocation, and it is called Twitter Places. This new feature will emphasize tweets that are made around a certain location. Today, if you are a user of Twitter via desktop or mobile, you will have the ability to tag your tweets with new and existing Twitter Places.


Twitter Places are fun to explore. You can go to a location and see a list of current public tweets that emanate from that particular spot. Twitter is really up to speed on this one, for they are also set up to show you the nearby venues and points of interest, which include both stores and restaurants. Twitter Places are going to be included in with Gowalla and Foursquare.


The geo head of Twitter, Othman Laraki, made a statement on the company blog about how location is definitely the key component of the public tweets, so the company worked directly with Foursqaure and Gowalla to insure that Twitter Places could be associated with the tweets these two services would produce. The location data for Twitter Places will also work with most browsers, including Internet Explorer and Safari.


Laraki also stated that Twitter Places will become available to users around the world in 65 different countries over the next week, and that those interested in using Twitter Places should watch out for an Add Your Location link that will be directly below the tweet box. Smartphone users haven’t been forgotten, and should have Twitter Places soon.


Twitter also plans to release an API so that developers will be able to fool around with Twitter Places in certain third-party applications.

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