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Twitter Testing a “You Both Follow” Feature Today

Nick Kallen, an engineer with Twitter, posted a tweet a few hours ago to reveal that the new “You Both Follow” feature is now in test mode. So far, only about ten percent of Twitter users are finding this new feature activated in their Twitter accounts.


What the “You Both Follow” feature is allow you to see any of the people that you and another Twitter user are both following. You simply click on a Twitter contact, and you can see the people that you both follow on the right sidebar, in the spot that is above the “following” tab. This does not have to be a person that you already have on your Twitter friend’s list, but can be any common person who is using the service.


Many people are slightly surprised that Twitter hasn’t revealed this feature sooner, because it could turn out to be a very useful method of allowing other users of Twitter to see your social connections. When analyzed, it is easy to see that the “You both follow” feature is comparable in theory to the “Friends In Common” feature on Facebook.

This popular feature has been available on Facebook for a while. Whether this feature actually will take off and become a regular part of Twitter remains to be seen. It is presumed that Twitter users will use this feature to find fellow users with similar interests who they may want to follow in turn.


“You Both Follow” has the potential needed in order to make Twitter more of an interconnected social network than it already is. Users of the service can’t help but wonder what’s next for this microblogging web site.

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