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Viral Marketing

A new method of online marketing that uses your pre existing internet social networks is called Viral Marketing. It helps to distribute your marketing materials.


It is not what we know as a virus as most would obviously think due to the word associated with Viral. Unlike a malicious and destructive computer virus it is named viral marketing because the way messages are transmitted from use to use much the same way as a virus is transmitted from host to host. But it is definitely not a virus!


It is a exponential distribution as one user can transmit a message to multiple users that will in turn transfer that same message to another group of multiple users. The advertisement must be something that users will like and want to share with their friends and other members of their social network. Viral marketing takes on a various number of forms such as flash video games and innovative web sites.


A prominent vessel, Flash video games for viral marketing campaigns are extremely useful, because if someone likes the game they are more then likely to share the game with their friends. Flash is the ideal technology for viral marketing of video games and it is also easy to create or develop them. The integration is seamless when designed properly on web pages.


Flash video games are a prominent vessel for viral marketing campaigns since the user enjoys playing them (if they are well made) and is likely to want to share the game with his or her friends. Flash is the ideal technology for viral marketing video games since it is 
relatively easy to develop games, it integrates seamlessly with properly designed web pages, and it is common enough that most users will have the software necessary to play them.


Another great form of viral marketing is the funny or unusual video. Internet videos have gained a great deal of popularity in recent years as more users acquire high speed internet connections (forget about trying to watch most internet videos on dial up) and central internet video repositories such as YouTube and Google Video have increased in popularity. This type of marketing normally spreads from word of mouth or message boards as well as other types of transmissions.


These campaigns can create a great deal of traffic; however, you can receive some criticism when customers find out the true nature of your campaign. Readers do not like feeling as if they were lied to when they discover that you are marketing some product or service instead of the game itself.



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