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Want More Traffic, Start Interacting More

Anyone who runs a blog or website has one main goal in mind, traffic. They want lots of traffic to their site. For some people this is a simple task. They create a site and people just start visiting. These people are usually very well known. For example, if a celeb or a well known tech guru starts a blog, people want to know what they are saying. They will visit just because of who is writing the blog. If you are not a well known person you are going to have a harder time drawing in traffic.


An easy way to get more traffic to your site or blog is by interacting more. What does this mean? It means visiting other sites and blogs and leaving comments. Not just a comment saying well done, or good post. You need to read what they are posting and leave a comment that has something to do with the post, and your comment should add some sort of value. For example, if you are visiting a blog that does product reviews you could leave a comment stating your experience with that product.


Include your website link whenever possible. Most sites that allow comments have a place for you to leave your link. Don't just go spamming everyone with links to your site. It will backfire. You will most likely get less traffic as you will be known for spam.


Another way of interacting is to ask questions. If someone posts content that you want to know more about ask them. Most bloggers are more than willing to answer their readers questions. This usually won't be the case if you are asking a celeb or well known. Now ,this is not always the case though.


This leads me to my next tip, answer your readers questions. Interact with people who leave comments on your site or blog. You want to build a relationship with your readers. Take the time to respond to the readers. If they ask a question that you can answer, do so. If you don't know the answer try and direct them to someone who does. This will build trust for you and the readers. They will be more likely to return, and tell others about your site.


This is just a few ways on interacting online to get more traffic. Do you have a great tip to bring in more traffic? If so share it below. We love to hear from you.


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