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Yahoo Buys Koprol

Yahoo is busy this year. Yahoo has announced the acquisition of Koprol, which is based in Indonesia. The social network allows people to share information in real time-- such as pictures, reviews and information about locations by using their mobile phone, which means that more people can tell their friends where they are and what they are doing. Koprol is similar to FourSquare, which is what many thought that Yahoo would acquire.

Having the ability to show friends and followers where you are can help promote a business. Koprol has built a strong user base in a short time. Because people need a way to stay in touch, advertise locations and share information with others via their mobile devices, this is a step in the right direction for Yahoo and all users. You could call it advertising on the go.

Koprol is easy to use. You check where your location is at and see if others are near you and what they are doing. Koprol will work on phone and will give you a list of shops and restaurants near by.

Many businesses will use Koprol to show others where they are and what they are doing. But, how does this help with advertising, you might ask. If you have a business, you can show where you are so that others can see. You can rate the business, which means that others will want to check it out. For internet marketers, sharing the name of the business that you have and checking in with the business name, gets the name out there and sparks an interest in checking out the business.

Social networking isn’t just about being bonded to a computer all day. Mobile phones and Koprol from Yahoo make being on the go another way of doing some social networking and connecting with others to promote your business.


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