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Yahoo Finally Gets for Flickr


Flickr reigns as one of the most popular social sites in the world, and it is more than likely one of the most well-liked and incorrectly spelled domains. Flickr is pronounced as “flicker” and back in the day was spelled this way because someone else owned the domain. Yahoo purchased Flickr in 2005, and has finally decided to take action and acquire


The website promoted itself pretty heavily last year by placing its traffic statistics in the lower right hand corner of the page. The people who owned were probably hoping someone would buy the site, or at least throw some advertising revenue their way by placing some links on the page. The traffic statistics on the page were amazing. received 3.6 million unique visitors in a year’s time, and 95% of those hits were from people who misspelled as


The Domains, an industry news site, was the first to report that the WHOIS record for has changed and transferred to Yahoo. As it stands for now, still points to its old landing page, but this should change quite soon.



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