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Yahoo to Start a New Ad Blitz



After experiencing a rather disappointing ad campaign recently, Yahoo is initiating a new and different ad deluge that they hope will increase web traffic to its home page. This new ad campaign will take a shot at Yahoo’s top rival, which is none other than Google. Yahoo also wants this campaign to compel web users to surf to other Yahoo sites, and is spending anywhere from $75 to $85 million in order to do so. Yahoo will also be endorsed on television and billboards to send out the message that it is a prime, one-stop web destination.


The new advertising slogan for Yahoo is "Your favorite stuff all in one place. Make Yahoo your home page." Yahoo’s chief executive, Carol Bartz, took charge of last year, and soon made public a $100 million ad campaign, which did have the desired results for the company. Bartz accepted this, blaming the results on a less-than-perfect call to action. Yahoo is now using a different ad agency, Omnicom Group Inc.’s Goodby Silverstein & Partners.


Yahoo wants to persuade web users that Yahoo is the starting point for navigating all of the web. To help to win over consumers, non-Yahoo web sites such as Facebook and Pop Sugar will be featured in the new advertisements. An innovative billboard features a man with site logos from Twitter, Flicker, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo Travel on his necktie. The advertisement that takes a shot at Google has a voice over which states, "When you look at this home page nothing looks back at you. You come to this place so you can leave." The voice over then says that Yahoo “doesn't hustle you out the door. It's a place that gets to know you, a place that finds things for you.”


It will be interesting to see how Google will counter this particular ad, as a spokesperson for Google declined to comment. Investors and analysts are skeptical that Yahoo can bump up its user population by marketing only, as few companies have been successful in doing so.






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