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You’re Web Customers ~ giving them what they need

Small businesses today need to focus on the tools of their customers are using, more so then their own technology.

Your customers are using anything from smart phones to IPads to laptops, have you thought about how you deliver your messages to your online customers?

Review your website, there should be some sort of analytic tool to help you measure the traffic that you are receiving. Review your web browser and the operating systems they are using. Knowing this information will assist you and help you decide in the different ways you make it easier for your web customers.

Mobile phone users are accessing your site thru their mobile device. Have you checked to see how your website is working for those customers? There are certain key factors to keep in mind with customers using this technology to gain access to your website. If you website is image heavy it will take longer to download those items on someone’s cell phone. There are many ways that you can still make it easier on these users without sacrificing the features you still wish to have on your website.

Being flexible when you are thinking about your web customers their needs will bring them back to your website. What better way then to ask your customers what they would like to see or some other options that you could provide them with when accessing your website. By taking another look at your website and create a style that will show your customers that you are wanting to make their browsing experience easier and not work against them.


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