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Your Computer is Infected, Download this Program to Fix It

How many times have you visited a website and a pop-up appeared telling you that your computer is infected with viruses and spy-ware? We have all seen these at one time. Well guess what, you are being tricked into downloading harmful software.


The program you download could be stealing your personal information. Information like credit card numbers and passwords to your online banking site could be gathered and then sold. These pop-ups are nothing more than a ploy to scare you into downloading a program that could be dangerous.


Crooks are also using celebrities to trick you. They claim a celeb died and have you click on a link. When you do you are taken to a site that asks for some sort of personal information. It could be a page that looks like Facebook or Twitter. They get you to enter your user-name and password. Now they have your account information and can do as they please with it.


When you see a pop-up while browsing the web do not download any software no matter what it tells you about your system being infected. Make sure you keep your anti-virus program updated daily. If there is a problem your anti-virus program will alert you.

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