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3 Helpful Tips on List Building

Marketing your internet business is imperative to your company's survival.  You have a number of methods including free alternatives to marketing your site, like search engine optimization.  Under the category of search engine optimization or SEO is a technique called list building.  List building refers to creating email lists you can use to send out advertisements, coupons, and other information about your site.  We will be discussing list building using a squeeze page and tips associated with this particular method of list building.  However, before getting into what a squeeze page is, it is important to talk about list building and its history. 


When using the internet became so popular for businesses, many began sending out emails to lists they purchased from marketing sites.  Unfortunately, people frowned on this approach.  They didn't want their emails being sold and they certainly didn't want spam.  This has meant a change with how businesses can construct their email lists.  Search engines that see sites using purchased lists will penalize that site.  This is where the squeeze page comes in.


Squeeze pages are places where prospective subscribers can opt-in to receive communications from your business.  You sign up for the squeeze pages to create a landing page for the consumer.  The consumer can then enter their email address or decline the offer.  In this method you are obtaining email addresses legally to send out mass communications.  You are also list building. 


Squeeze pages are only landing pages.  There are no hyperlinks allowed on the sites.  The page is just there for you to capture information for "follow up" marketing.  The best squeeze pages use success stories that the prospective client can relate to and thus convert them into a buyer on your site.  The success stories you post are the most important aspect of your page. The stories need to be warm, friendly, and truthful. 


To add to the success stories and the landing page the consumer sees you also need to make the page friendly in appearance.  Colors, catchy sales text, and rich keywords must be used on the squeeze page you design. 


First, color psychology is using perception in order to make the potential consumer comfortable.  Warm colors like red, orange, and yellow are often better to use on your page if you opt against white.  They tend to evoke feelings of comfort.  Blues, greens, and purples are cool colors, but they are associated with calm feelings.  Color psychology helps you determine when to use these colors for your pages based on the feelings you want to illicit. 


Sales copy is extremely important.  You have to fill your landing pages with information that the consumer will find useful.  Your copy needs to have keywords that the consumer will be looking for.  As an example you may sell handmade products, so handmade, handcrafted, and variations of those words will help get the attention of your consumer.  Copywriting techniques like bullets, headlines, testimonials, and scarcity are other ways to get the interest of consumers on your squeeze pages. 


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