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Launch A Full-Scale Attack To Get Subscribers

Without a sizable email list, you are missing out on a flood of opportunities to make more money and maintain communication with your readers proactively, rather than just through blog post email updates. This guide will help you quickly build your list of email subscribers with an concentrated assault from multiple directions.

The first step is to create a product as if you were going to charge money for it once completed. Fill it with relevant information that people are paying for or would expect to pay for elsewhere. Furthermore, make it better than what people are selling without stealing someone else’s content. You need to offer new, fresh, quality, useful, highly-desired content that people will be amazed is being given away for free.

Next, you should set up an autoresponder series and follow up with a series that further informs and/or entertains your list members. Include an offer for paid content on your 3rd or 4th email that goes out. Do at least 7 autoresponder messages.

Once you’ve established your new list for this campaign and your autoresponder messages, it’s time to build your opt in landing page. Here, people will learn about your guide and be encouraged to download it in exchange for their first name and email address.

If the offer is good and the product is first-rate, you can design a mediocre landing page and still build a massive list. Of course, you shouldn’t just slap any old landing page up. The next time you opt in to anything, make a note of the way they did their landing page. Especially if it was done by an expert who would have paid a lot of attention to detail on such a thing.

Click on opt in offers rather than ignoring them and see what that person has set up. Look at the design, the copy, and calls to action. Design your landing page with this type of information in your back pocket and you’ll receive very decent opt in rates and can move on with testing new copy and layouts from there.

One idea that will make your guide successful is promotion by affiliates. If someone reads the guide and signs up for the product, which is promoted only slightly in the guide, the affiliate gets the credit. This results in a lot of affiliates promoting the book, doing reviews, and posting in social sites about it.

There are undoubtedly bigger bloggers in your niche than you. Make sure they know about your new guide. Send them a copy and ask for their feedback. All bloggers are anxious for something good to write about. Suggest that they write a piece on some main points in the full guide. Offer to guest post on their blog now that they know that you have something valuable to pass on to their readers. Make them an offer too good to pass up and bribe them with traffic by offering to market the heck out of their resulting review post.

Build up your Twitter following and other social profiles, so your Twitter followers will pass on the announcement of your new free guide and it will spread through the social web like a virus. Once people are talking about your free guide, everyone in your niche will want to talk about it and download it.

The biggest people in your market want news to report to keep their own Twitter followers actively following them. They have an obligation to their followers to provide good resources. Give them a reason to get a Tweet out by sending them a link to your guide and an incentive to mention it if it so moves them. Get in front of their followers, and not only will you get a more subscribers downloading your guide, but more Twitter followers as well.

However you choose to promote, set a time for the launch and focus on that exclusively the whole time. The more people you can get talking in the beginning greatly determines the initial number of subscribers you get, and also whether or not you hit “critical mass” in links from other sites to keep subscriptions coming in for a long time to come.

Depending on the size of your niche and how well you implement the key tactics above, you can anticipate hundreds or even thousands of subscribers joining your list in a short time period, glorifying your giveaway, thanking you publicly for it, and eager to see what else you have to share with them.


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