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The Top 3 Effective Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is one the original starts of marketing online and is still a useful tool to use.  A survey completed by eMarketer found that this year would be the best year for email marketing. Missing out on this opportunity could prove to be detrimental to a website owner's website.  Email marketing consists of communicating through email with proper permission from the interested leads. The most important thing to not do is spam your contacts as that will have reverse effects on your sales, products, and overall reputation.


1.  Utilize Opt-In Forms

Opt-In forms are important as it protects not only you but your potentials leads too. The way it protects you is that the leads will need to comply with providing their email address and they will receive emails from your company.  Sending messages to email users who did not request it will cause many problems and can even lead to problems with breaking local laws.  The opt-in form will be able to protect you from being accused of sending spam.

2.  Try out email messaging tools

Trying out email list programs to send out mass quantities of emails can be done without automation but let's be serious here, doing that will be a lot of work and time consuming.  Some of the most popular email service tools are Aweber, Constant Contact, and Mail Chimp.  For instance the top email service client AWeber contains services such as sending email newsletters for subscribers who have opted in receiving email from your site.  Also they a signup form to publish onto your website, autoresponders, managing unlimited email campaigns, colorful html email templates, superb email deliverability, free customer service support, email web analytics, RSS to Email (sending blog newsletters, easy shopping cart integration, and more.

3.  Create innovate email marketing campaigns

Putting together a well-written email marketing campaign will help in attractive leads to purchase your products and services. Sending an email at least 1-2 times a week will help increase the chances of your leads of remembering you, building up a relationship, and increase sales rates.



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