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2-Step Verification Makes Google Apps Safer

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Many online businesses use Google Apps. From managing employees to company emails and phone calls, Google Apps has been helping businesses for a long time. Now, Google Apps is about to get even more secure.


While companies have always trusted the security of Google Apps – whether the company is solely online or is a brick and mortar company whose executives meet online – there are always issues about security. Not to say that Google Apps isn’t safe. It is, and extremely so. But many businesses have found that hackers and other unpleasant people sometimes are able to get into an app and cause some serious issues for the business. Google is planning to change all that.


Now there is a more secure way of signing into Google Apps using two steps. This greatly increases security. It is easy to set up, manage, and use the two step verification. Administrators can enable it, and then two kinds of identification are required to sign into a Google Apps account. One is a password and the other is a mobile phone. Once you enter your password, you will receive a verification code on your mobile phone. This could be a SMS message, a voice call, or it can be generated on an app for the iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android.


This process makes it much more likely that the correct person is logging into the account. If someone steals your password, they still need your mobile phone to access the account, so it is still safe. For businesses that have a lot of financial information or online business that have customer databases full of credit card information, this is an excellent security measure.


If you often use a computer from the same location and you trust that location – such as using a computer from your home office or from a workstation – you can set tell Google Apps that you trust the computer. In the future, you will not be asked for another verification code.


Currently, those who use Google Apps Premier, Government, or Education editions can already activate the two-step verification in the English version of the Admin Control Panel. Standard Edition users can expect to be able to use it in the coming moths. Individual users will also be able to use the two-step verification soon. Companies will also be able to customize the mobile authentication app because Google is open sourcing it.


Will this make your business more secure?


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