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Business Appmatcher Launched by Rackspace

A matchmaking engine for your business? That's what Rackspace is hoping to bring you. Appmatcher helps businesses locate apps that can assist them in their duties. Businesses can use AppMatcher to find apps for everything from human resources to project management to accounting. The engine intends to match businesses to apps based on their profile information.


AppMatcher is essentially going to do for your business what matchmaking websites do for your love life. A business profile will be detailed in such a way to allow the engine to recommend apps your business can actually use. This should save a lot of time companies are otherwise spending researching and testing apps only to find they're not useful at all.


Users fill out a profile by answering questions about their industry, department and title, company size. AppMatcher takes this info and identifies apps it thinks best meet the user's specs. These results generally include apps the user may not have even known existed.


AppMatcher has ties and links into feeds out to Facebook and Twitter for those questioning the social media integration.


This engine may provide the key for exposing useful apps to businesses and their employees without wasting their time finding the best ones. 


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