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FCC Questions Google and Verizon’s Net Neutrality Proposal

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has published a seven-page public notice, citing an inquiry into two of the key proposals from the Google and Verizon proposed net neutrality framework.


This inquiry questions the proposal's outline for "Specialized Services" and net neutrality/open internet principles for mobile wireless Internet, as wireless Internet has been excluded from many net neutrality regulations.


The FCC cites these concerns about the two proposals, stating, " “The first is the relationship between open Internet protections and services that are provided over the same last-mile facilities as broadband Internet access service. The second is the application of open Internet rules to mobile wireless Internet access services, which have unique characteristics related to technology, associated application and device markets, and consumer usage.”


It's been well-known that the FCC had already taken issue with the Google-Verizon proposal, and this notice echoes those sentiments.  The FCC’s concern with specialized services appears to be that open Internet protections could be weakened if broadband providers use specialized services to circumvent the rules that apply to broadband Internet access.


In regards to the issues with wireless services, the FCC “seeks comment on ‘how, to what extent, and when’ openness principles should apply to mobile wireless platforms, with a particular emphasis on furthering innovation, private investment, competition and freedom of expression.”


Speculation points to this issue meeting no fast resolve. Net neutrality continues to be a heated issue for the FCC.



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