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Help For New Online Marketers

You may never have heard of Visa Business Network. The company recently launched this site in order to have a way to connect small business owners with other small business owners. Resources are provided, such as mentors, goal toolkits, content-ranked information, and much more.


So just how can this site be valuable? It helps businesses get started building their online presences on both Twitter and Facebook. That's something that is extremely useful to any small business.


The Visa Business Network has two Facebook goals. One is a basic step that will help small business owners set up their Facebook page. The other one is to help these same small business owners take their Facebook pages to the next step and actively promote their business through Facebook.


There is also a Twitter goal. The goal is called 'Learn to Use Twitter'. The goal will take small business owners through the process of setting up a Twitter account and also provides tips on the best ways to promote a business through Twitter.


There is more than just the Facebook and Twitter goals though. The site also has a goal that helps set up email newsletters and another one that will help businesses be found online using services such as local directory listings and review sites.


Some of the tips the site's creators offer for businesses in using social media  is the smart use of networks like Facebook and Twitter. You should remember to develop and foster conversations with your customers because that's the best way to use these networks. A business can use these social platforms to address anything that arises, from questions about a product to a recall or promotion. Using social media is a great way to get more exposure for your business.


There are many more goals planned for the Visa Business Network in the future that will help small business owners learn about different marketing strategies. Business owners will also learn about how best use the approaches for their business.


If you are new to online marketing this may be a very useful thing for you. Are you planning to check it out?


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