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How to Outsource Content for your Blog Website

How to Outsource Content for your Blog Website


Many steps need to be taken if you plan on generating revenue and money from a blog website, such as researching the best keywords to use for search engine optimization and the topics of articles that you'll feature. However, there are some steps you can take to make the work much easier and go much smoother, especially if you plan to have multiple revenue-generating blogs. One idea--outsourcing content for your blog--can relieve many of the tedious jobs you need to do.


The Overall Outsourcing Plan


Outsourcing the content and articles for your blog means that you'll have other people--probably freelancers--writing articles and completing work. Once the work is complete, the outsourcer can upload articles to your blog and the cycle continues for as long as you want to keep your blog updated.


Who to Hire


Perhaps the first thing you'll need to know when getting started outsourcing content and articles for your blog is who to hire and where to hire them. Matching up the right people to right for your blog can be difficult. Not all people can write political blogs, some people can't do humor, and another may not be knowledgeable to write in the topic area that you want your blog to be about.


Freelancers exist everywhere on the internet and you can find them in the least likely of places. There are a few major "hubs" where you can find freelancers for the outsourcing of content for your blog, though. The first is freelancing websites, such as iFreelance, oDesk, Elance and Guru. On these sites, you can find profiles of freelancers and professional web writers and copywriters for your blog. You can even post your own project in which you can discuss the need for a particular type of content for your blog.


What Tasks to Assign


As mentioned, one of the points of hiring a freelancer or outsourcing blog content is the fact that it'll make things easier and free you up to do other tasks, such as developing additional revenue-generating blogs. So now you've hired a freelancer or professional web copywriters for your blog, but you're at a crossroads because you can't figure out what tasks to assign.


To make outsourcing work effectively, I would suggest you make the process as automated as possible. For example, if using WordPress, you can instruct the freelancer to write as many blog posts as possible, but then set the post date to a time in the future. In this way, your site will automatically post the blogs written on the specified day and time.


As far as outsourcing the keyword research part of writing the article, you could either require the freelancer to research the keywords on his own or give him a list of keywords to use while writing. On the other hand, some revenue-generating blog owners don't focus as much on the keywords as on the quality of the content that's written, produced and posted.


Save Money by Outsourcing


Overall, outsourcing content and articles for your blog is the right thing to do if you want to save money--and even make more money--with your website. Freelancers can be hired to write the content and post the articles to your blog while you focus on developing more blogs to make even more money.


In addition, the amount of money you spend per-freelancer or per-blog-post won't even compare to the amount of monthly income your blogs can generate. A blog, updated on a regular basis with quality content and articles, can generate at least a couple thousand dollars per month, which means that you can count most of this as pure profit. Once you do the wash, rinse and repeat method, you'll realize the outsourcing content for your blog was perhaps the smartest thing you can do for your website.


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