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Monetizing CAPTCHA

Online businesses have a new way of possibly making a little bit of money - monetizing CAPTCHA. It really isn't a bad idea. After all, CAPTCHA are something that users have no choice but to pay attention to.


With traditional advertising banners, your website visitors can easily ignore them. They simply scroll down if the banner is across the top of the page, ignore it if it is on the side, or never scroll down far enough to see it if it's at the bottom of your web page. On some sites, there is an option for users to actually just close the windows of the banners. This makes it hard sometimes to be sure that your site's visitors are actually seeing the advertisements on your site.


Small text ads are easily blocked out by visitors. In fact, even the ones that are in RSS feeds are often ignored. Users are bombarded with ads so much that they have mastered the art of ignoring them. Even small ads that have graphics are often ignored.


Some people make the mistake of using pop ups or pop unders to advertise their business. This rarely works, so it is a little surprising that so many still use them. Most browsers have the capability to block both pop ups and pop unders, and some even have the capability in other programs for added protection against the ads. In fact, many people become annoyed at the mere thought of pop ups or unders!


Solve Media is a startup company that is planning to monetize CAPTCHA. While it's true that it isn't a new concept, very little has been done with it. Microsoft applied for a patent on CAPTCHA advertising last year, but hasn't done anything with it.


It's still up in the air as to whether or not CAPTCHA advertising will actually make its mark or if it will remain a talked about concept. What do you think - would CAPTCHA advertising be a good thing for your business? Or something that really is just going to add more stress?


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