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Slow Market Helps Real Estate Sites

The real estate market may be struggling, but that is a good thing for several real estate sites. Popular real estate sites like Trulia, MSN Real Estate, Yahoo Real Estate, and Zillow have seen a marked increase in the amount of traffic that their sites are receiving. This is great for them because they are getting an increase in advertisers as well, all eager to cash in on the increase in traffic. The advertisers include mortgage services, home services, and other real estate advertisers but the advertisers for other brands such as Verizon FiOS, Bank of America, and Chevrolet have also begun to buy more space on the real estate sites. This is due to the fact that when consumers search for houses online, they will also visit other sites they see advertised for services such as insurance, TV, Internet packages, and new cars.


So why are so many people visiting real estate sites like Zillow or Yahoo Real Estate? The answer is very simple. With home values and sales plummeting, people who are looking to buy a new home are being very careful. The Internet provides them with the perfect way to research everything they might need, from home owner's insurance to the best rates on mortgages. People are trying to make smart decisions on what they buy and because of that, they are spending a lot more time weighing their options. A few years ago, people spent an average of only three months to go through the home buying process but now, people are spending twelve or even eighteen months in order to find the perfect home.


This means that people are returning to the real estate sites month after month. Zillow has seen an 11.3 percent increase in unique visitors just in the span between May and July 2010. Yahoo Real Estate has seen an even larger increase for the same time span: a whopping 21.5 percent. Mobile apps and sites are also seeing a large increase in visitors. With so many visitors to real estate sites, it would be a good idea for those who can afford it to advertise on the sites if they have products that might interest potential homeowners. The success could spin off for other companies.


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