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Thinking About A Company Logo? Check Out The Top 10 Designs.

What makes a local company's logo into a global phenomenon? Almost all small businesses making a successful transition into international markets have to credit their logo brand image to some extent. Here are 5 easy lessons that can be learned from all international logo designs.

First, is that simple shapes can be used to convey the intended message. For example, consider the Olympic logo or the Nike logo.

Second, color should be used as an advantage, for example, the Red Cross logo is an excellent example of a simply compelling color usage.

Third, there should be consistency in repetitive branding, for example, both Coca Cola and IBM have not once modified their designs.

Fourth, stick to simplicity, for instance, Google and BBC logos have kept it simple and straight forward.

Fifth, global logos such as McDonald’s and Pizza Hut are industry specific in their messages.

Here are the Top 10 Global Brand Logo Designs…Do they follow the above 5 rules?

1. Olympic Logo Design

2. Nike Logo Design

3. Red Cross Logo Design

4. Coca Cola Logo Design

5. IBM Logo Design

6. McDonald’s Logo Design

7. Pizza Hut

8. BBC Logo Design

9. Apple Logo Design

10. Google Logo Design

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