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Who To Choose For Pay Per Click and Online Media Websites

Building a website is not enough if you want to succeed in your online business.  When you create a great website and use search engine optimization you are on your way to getting a high volume of consumers.  You may even have a high volume of consumers you get converted to buyers.  You also have the option of making these buyers into repeat customers, but not every person searches the internet the same way.  This is where pay per click and social media sites will come in.  You have to use internet marketing techniques like PPC (pay per click) and social media sites for a 360 degree campaign to succeed in your business.


Pay Per Click advertising will use an advertisement to send consumers to your website.  With PPC you are going to design an ad with an image, a few keywords, and your URL.  By clicking on the ad the consumer will be taken to your site.  If they click on the URL on your ad they will also be redirected to your site.  You have two ways to set up pay per click advertising.  You will need a host company like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other PPC advertising businesses online.  They will walk you through getting your ad set up and published.  You can elect to pay a set amount each month for your ad or you can pay per the amount of clicks you get.  Most companies choose this second option because it tends to cost less. 


There are programs designed to read the amount of clicks you get on your ad.  The company will be able to tell if the click led to a sale, if the click was a mistake, and if the consumer stayed on your site to look through your pages.  There have been issues with clicks in the past.  Before the programs were created it was difficult to tell fraudulent clicks or clicks made by mistake.  Now there is a timer.  Anything clicked that is less than a minute is not considered a valid click by most companies. 


With pay per click advertising you are also purchasing the keywords you will use.  The more expensive keywords are short tail keywords.  These words are purchased by brand name companies and department stores.  They can afford the budget.  Smaller businesses like you and I tend to go for the long tail keywords.  They are less costly and more specific.  Studies by Google and other search engines have discovered long tail keywords actually net more buyers than using the shorter keywords.


Internet marketing offers you various ways to advertise your business.  Pay per click advertising is just one method you will want to use.  Another method for advertising is on the social media sites.  Social media allows you to interact with your consumers on their level.  In social media sites you are not selling your products or even mentioning your site.  Instead you are sharing yourself with your consumers. 


Let's take a look at times before the internet.  People used to belong to organizations, churches, and other groups as a method to network their business. They would trade names, business cards, and talk about their likes and dislikes.  When the time came that one person needed specific help they would be more inclined to go for the business card rather than a name out of the yellow pages.  Social media sites work the same way.  On a social media site you are able to post your profile, business, and a little about your hobbies. Each day you can log on to your sites and talk about what is going on in your life.  Your friends, family, and even strangers can follow you on these sites.  Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Netlog, and others are social media sites. 


You will be interacting in a social atmosphere from your computer.  You have a wider reach with the internet for social media.  As people find you they begin to get to know you and therefore trust you.  They will start to recognize your brand.  They may even ask about your website.  With social media you can share videos, blogs, stories, and much more with the users.  YouTube is another social media site that works well for businesses. 


YouTube allows you to advertise online with videos, whereas places like Facebook strictly prohibit the use of their site for advertising your business.  You can talk about your work, but you cannot use it like an advertising base.  That is why YouTube videos about your product; or, just a viral video is a good idea. 


Be Social

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