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Do I Need To Pay To Use Yahoo Search Marketing?

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How Can You Use Google Adwords To Make Money Without Having A Website Or A Product?

Is there any way to use google adwords to make money without having a website or a product that you want to sell? If so, please give me details..... More »

How To Use The Word Mac And Macbook In Google Adwords Title?

I see a lot of fake companies use the word mac and macbook pro in their title on google adwords. How do they get past that? Thank you..... More »

How To Become Google Adwords Certified Professional?

Hello AdWords Specialists, I wanted the certificate from Google about this. How do I get these?.... More »

How Much Should I Pay Someone To Handle My Google Adwords Account?

If I want a third party to handle it how much should I pay them to handle my adwords account? Say I want to spend about $300 a month on advertising, what would their markup be? I assume they would report back to me weekly with an analytics report. Is that extra and how much do they charge for that?.... More »

In Google Adwords How Do I Target My Ads On A Specific Website, And Ignore Keywords Completely?

I setup an Adwords campaign and pick my keywords. But I DON'T want to pick keywords, I just want to target a website on the content network. How do I do this? Do I just delete my keywords, and also I don't want to appear on SERPS pages. Thanks!.... More »
Do I need to pay to use yahoo search marketing? I want to find keywords research and how many pay per click bids on that keyword search. Is there another website that provides this research for free? Thank you.   

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