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I Need An Html Code To Make My Myspace Background A Color. What Is A Simple Html Code That Will Change The B.

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ok i have MS front page 2003 and i found really easy and good than dreamweaver 8 . but i can work with PHP by ms front page 2003.... More »


How can I use a php command to get the source of "http://www. google. com" as a string, say $html..... More »

Is It Possible To Create Background For An Email Using Html?if Yes Please Tell Me What Would B The Html Code?

as a matter of fact -YES. but only within mail clients installed on desktops. the web based email clients dont offer that service.. The other thing is that you can sign up for yahoo premium service that permits usage of backgrounds..... More »

How to get a PHP file to be included across files in different directories?

Currently I have created some php based webpages and uploaded them to my web hosting server.It has a PHP 5.1.6installed.With this I am able to include files only that are in the same directory(they work well using require() fn).If not an error message displaying some "no such file" in directory appe.... More »

How to publish php file that I just edited back to my website?

I used FTP program that is offered by default by GoDaddy and downloaded a file to my PC. After chaning this php file using MS Notepad, I uploaded it back on to my website's back end, but don't know how to make it so that the edited php file publishes on my website. Please help. Thanks..... More »
What is a simple html code that will change the background color of my myspace?   

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