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About That Google Phone

Forget about search engine stuff for a minute.

Remember web based email services before Google?

When Google launched Gmail it offered 1GB of storage for your email FOR FREE. At the time Yahoo and Microsoft were offering 4MB and 2MB respectively. Google completely changed the web mail game forever. Instantly Hotmail went from 2mb to 25mb for its users (250mb for hotmail plus users). Yahoo went from 4mb to 100mb for its free account.

Google seriously changed the game with Gmail.

Remember website analytics before Google Analytics? Another major game changer from Google.

Website Optimizer, Webmaster Central, Picassa, Docs, Apps, the list goes on and on.

Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO) calls Google a 1 trick pony with their Google AdSense product (which is about 99% of their revenue).

If their is one thing Google is REALLY good at its getting more real estate for its 1 trick. They already bought their way into Firefox and Apple’s web browser and iPhone default search.

But now Google is getting into the cellular phone business and I think this will be their biggest game changer and frontier to run AdSense on yet.

About the only thing we know is that the device is real and that Google is going to sell it unlocked with a GSM chipset (to start). They are also going to sell it independent of any carrier. This means out of the gate it will work just about anywhere in the world.

Now lets play what if with the rumors.

Rumors are that:

* Google is planning to sell this phone (which appears to be the equivalent of the HTC Droid Eris) for $99
* Google is planning to sell the phone completely outside of carriers. Which also means outside of contracts.

The Google phone could completely change the cellular telephone industry as we know it.

Unlike before where everyone’s money to make phones was the kickbacks they got from the cellphone companies, Google’s motivation is search engine market share… For its 1 trick pony.

I think its awesome. Go Google.

Jeremy Schoemaker


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