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Affiliate Marketing and Christmas

The Christmas season is upon the world and this year more than ever affiliate marketing may play a major role. LinkShare affiliate network is reporting several new retail fashion clients are signing up to run affiliate programs this year. Some of the new clients this year include Faith shoes and accessories retailer called Matches, a luxury boutique, and Radley a handbag and fashion accessory company.


Is this a commentary on the current economy, LinkShare's rising popularity or simply a sign of the times? It could be one or all and is most likely a complex combination of these as well as other factors. The good news is there are more products for affiliates to choose from which may create even more income possibilities this Christmas season.


Rob Short, the online manager of Matches is quoted as saying it was LinkShare's proven record of accomplishment as well as research that shows more and more purchasing decisions are being driven by what consumers find on the internet. This is simply a natural progression for Matches and other offline retailers who are wishing to compliment their brick and mortar sales.


Will this be the boom that many affiliate marketers are looking for or will there still be a huge need for quality products and companies to advertise? Truthfully only time will tell the tale. We will likely be well beyond the Christmas season before all the data can be properly analyzed, however it is a bright spot for any affiliate becoming discouraged and considering opting for a 40 hour a week job! Simply knowing that online sales are primed to begin climbing is a good sign for anyone who is trying to make an income from home with affiliate marketing.


For the moment, we will take the wait and see approach to LinkShare's new clientele before declaring it a smashing success.


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