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Attention Mobile Advertisers: Google is Going “Hyper-Local”

Google is adding "hyper-local" ad capability to its growing portfolio of mobile search ads exploiting location. This ad capability shows users the exact distance-right now-to a particular advertiser's business or location. The ads themselves are represented by a blue pushpin and feature "click-to-call" and an expandable map.  Reports indicate this goes down to the block level as far as specificity.


Advertisers must have location extensions set up before they can take advantage of this new capability. Mobile phone users must also have consented to sharing their location with Google Advertisers before the new feature will work for them. Advertisers aren't billed until users click through a website or "click-to-call" the phone number provided in the ad.


This new feature may be very powerful for advertisers, as users can now physically see the identified distance between them and the advertiser's business. Advertisers should jump on this early for the most exposure.



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