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Discount Actos, Bing’s search results are said to be more accurate than Google’s. Actos japan, This was the conclusion Experian Hitwise arrived at when comparing the accuracy of search results displayed by Google and Bing.

It is true that Bing has enjoyed an outstanding growth in their market share value in the last couple of months.. Bing's market share rose from 10.60 percent in December to 12.81 percent in January, 750mg Actos, 50mg Actos, according to Experian Hitwise. Hitwise released the new stats few days back; Bing's market share was seen to have increased by a significant amount between December and January.


It is also true that Google, Actos paypal, Actos mexico, who is undisputedly the industry leader when it comes to search engine and which tend to at least hold steady or increase its supremacy, suffered a minor market share drop from 69.67 percent to 67.95 percent on a month-over-month basis.

Looking at the stats from Wall Street these past months, Actos uk, 100mg Actos, it will be logical to believe Hitwise’s report. Because better service means more patronage, Actos overseas, 1000mg Actos, which in turn can affect how experts in Wall Street will advise their clients. However, search engine algorithms are not built by financial experts; they are built by programmer who put in much time into thinking innovative ways to serve users better.

Hitwise’s conclusion on the matter was based entirely on number of clicks on displayed search results, Discount Actos. Bing users click search engine results 81.54 percent of the time, Actos canada, 30mg Actos, compared to 65.58 percent for Google users. But, 200mg Actos, Actos india, to be honest, this criterion is not sufficient enough to draw a conclusion, 20mg Actos. Actos ebay, I’d expect such conclusions to be made after proper analysis of the situation. Am I on Google’s side here, Actos us, 500mg Actos, no, I am only saying we should be fair on both parties.

If you also put into consideration that fact that 68 percent of all searches made on the web are directed at Google compared to 27.4 percent that Bing handles, 250mg Actos, 150mg Actos, one would have a second thought before agreeing with Hitwise. Google handles almost three times what Bing deals with; therefore, 10mg Actos, Actos usa, going by this, it will be out of place to judge them on a scale of “amount of clicks” on search results displayed.

Furthermore, Actos australia, Actos craiglist, if Google’s accusation against Bing of using at least a small percentage of their search engine results is true, then, 40mg Actos, Actos coupon, the claim become even harder to accept. Google had accused Bing of cheating and stealing its results.

Is Bing actually more accurate than Google from your experience of using both or do you think Hitwise was right in its conclusion. Please, leave a comment.



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