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Blekko Adds Social Integration to Search

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Alternative search engine, Blekko announced the integration of Facebook “likes” in the search results, using Facebook Connect. Search engine, Bing only just added that integration.

By using the hashtag technology, you can now search Blekko for what your friends have liked, simply adding /likes to your search.

The uniqueness of the Blekko integration of Facebook “likes” makes it great as a keyword research tool. This is because the search results do not just turn up generic and random likes from your friends, but can actually go into specifics. If you want to research affiliate marketing for instance and get to know what your network on Facebook thinks about it, all you need to do is go to Blekko, type in ‘affiliate marketing/likes’ and the search results will give you your friend’s “likes” on the subject of affiliate marketing.

Blekko goes another step further by letting you see which of your friends liked what in particular. If you want to be even more specific in your search and see how ebooks do in the affiliate market, you can type in ‘affiliate marketing/ebooks/likes’. The philosophy behind this new feature to Blekko is to make it possible for users to search for previously liked items. But a business person can make really creative use of this addition to personalized search.

What would you like to research on Blekko using the ‘likes’ hashtag?


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