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Could the New Google Phone Create New Opportunities for Blog Marketers?

In recent news, the search engine giant Google has apparently released a new Google phone to employees which runs the program referred to as "Android" in an experimental test. Based on the reports surrounding this technological device, it is believed that Google will allow the public to purchase this phone in January of 2010, but there is no official confirmation of this. On Saturday December 12th of 2009, the "Vice President of Product Management" Mario Queiroz was found to have stated in a mobile blog that the company requested their employees to test the product. By around lunch time of that same day, massive searches were being conducted on "Google Phone".


Individuals that enjoy following various Google employees on the popular social networking website, Twitter, discovered that the employees were starting to release information on the Google Phone the night before the announcement. As a result of this, when it came to hot news reports, "Google Phone" ranked in as 4th as the most popular search term on Saturday. The question is, if the concept is this popular when it comes to internet search results, how popular would the concept be to blog marketers and affiliate marketers? My guess is, it would open MANY doors for individuals that elect to advertise on the internet!


Google has already considered the integration of advertisements on the device. This means that the marketing that bloggers and affiliates could experience could be immense! There would be an exceptionally larger audience exposed to the advertisements, therefore resulting in more success for those that are involved in the Google AdSense and the Google AdWords programs. The best part when it comes to the Google Phone is that Google wants to offer services that are low cost for those that actually interact with the advertisements placed on the unit! This means massive earning potential for advertisers! What do you think of the Google Phone concept? What types of features would you like to see it incorporate? For more information, click here:


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