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Discount Abilify, Facebook topped Google in the UK to be the most popular site on Christmas day. This is an amazing feat considering Google is about Search and people are always looking for stuff online, Abilify coupon. 750mg Abilify, In the UK however, Facebook seemed to embody the spirit of Christmas for online users, Abilify india, 50mg Abilify, far more than Google did.

This was reported by Robin Goad of Experian Hitwise who shared that on Christmas Day - the 25th “ accounted for 10.50% of all UK Internet visits, while the figure for was 9.77%.”

He went on to point out that this was the first time Facebook was seeing more users than Google in the UK.

This should not be so surprising as Facebook is about community, Abilify paypal, Abilify ebay, which seemed to embody the feelings at Christmas. However, Abilify australia, Abilify mexico, it is also an unexpected development because although Facebook has been around for some time, in comparison to Google it is still a newcomer on the internet, 20mg Abilify. Abilify canada, Moreover, Google has such a large share of the social market on the internet that for any other site to top it on any day is definitely an accomplishment.

This is encouraging for Facebook but it is also encouraging for all new business startups out there, Abilify overseas. 40mg Abilify, True, you might be in competition (sort of) with an already established giant, Abilify usa, 10mg Abilify, but if you know your target market and you go after what you want with consistency and dedication, it will eventually pay off.

On another note, Abilify craiglist, Abilify uk, Robin Goad is of the opinion that this trend will not continue, that is Facebook is unlikely to maintain its popularity over Google, 1000mg Abilify. 100mg Abilify, What do you think?

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