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Facebook Launches Pages Redesign

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Facebook has become known for constantly changing and tweaking its features to the annoyance of most of its users, but most times for the better. This time around the change is to its Pages feature. Facebook is rolling out a full redesign of its pages. The changes made will see Facebook pages resemble user profile, not just in design but also in functionality; although not completely.


The new pages redesign was first seen by users sometime in December of 2010 and the launch was considered an accident but after a few weeks, it has finally hit the computer screen of anxious Facebook pages admin, and fortunately, it is not an accident this time.


The most profound changes made is seen in the layout. The layout of Facebook pages has been completely overhauled. They now have almost the same look as the Facebook profile. The left-hand “Information” box has been removed, so also, is the menu on the left hand side for editing pages and has been replaced with a navigation menu, which means goodbye to the old tab menu.


Furthermore, page admins now have the ability to log into Facebook Pages through a “Login as Page” feature, and a section that features the page admin is located on the right hand side of the layout. The most exciting part of the changes made is the ability of page admins to post comment now and add info about their pages.


Facebook pages also displays photos at the top now just as it is in Facebook profile. Some other added features now make Facebook pages resemble normal user, for example, admins have the ability to interact with the rest of Facebook as a page. There is also a section that show admins how many of their friends have “liked” that particular page and admins can actually log on and start commenting and/liking things on Facebook pages.


“We strongly believe you should have consistent experiences when possible,” Facebook’s Rohit Dhawan said. Dhawan is the lead product manager for Facebook Pages and had explained earlier that the company had always wanted to redesign Facebook Pages ever since it launched the profile redesign.


However, it is worthy of note that Facebook pages can’t do everything a normal user can, for example, they cannot post on a user’s wall or write comments except the user’s privacy setting is enabled for “everybody”.


Facebook page admins have until March 10 to switch over to the new design before Facebook automatically updates every page to the new design; giving them ample time to have a preview of what their page will look like.



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