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Where Can I Buy Antabuse

Where Can I Buy Antabuse, If you are a Facebook admin, you can now unmerge your Facebook Page from your Facebook Places.

In August, Facebook launched Places, a location-sharing service and offered businesses and admins of similar Facebook Pages the option to claim their Places location and merge Places together with Pages. It did not offer any way to undo the merge and revert to status quo.

The problem with the merge was that once Pages and Places, Antabuse mexico, 30mg Antabuse, ‘Place Pages,’ were merged, Antabuse craiglist, Antabuse australia, a default landing tab could not be set. This was a big issue with a lot of admins as the custom landing tab is a huge part of the social media marketing for a lot of businesses, 250mg Antabuse. Antabuse india, They had merged without knowing the effect it would have on their custom landing pages and there was no way to go back. That is no longer the case however as the new unmerge option will restore the previous separateness of Pages and Places while restoring the functions of each, Antabuse coupon, Antabuse overseas, including the custom default landing page.

This was reported by Inside Facebook where it was noted that admins could now see an “Unmerge all merged Places” button in the bottom left on their page. The following confirmation message would show up:

“Once you confirm this request, Antabuse japan, 40mg Antabuse, the format of this Page will be reverted to the previous format and location information will be removed. The Places that you merged will be restored as separate claimed Places that you also still own and must continue to manage.”

Do you use Facebook Pages or Places for your business, Antabuse us. 1000mg Antabuse, How do you feel about this new development?

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