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Google AdSense Advertisements Now Being Promoted on Bing

Google AdSense advertisements are now being promoted on the search engine called "Bing". These advertisements are directly related to the new Google Music feature that the major search engine specializes in. While this may seem a bit unethical as far as business practice is concerned, it is important to remember back when the search engine Bing was in the launch stage. They placed advertisements on Google which encouraged internet users to click and check out what they had to offer in terms of search engine tools, applications, and other features. In a sense, Google AdSense is simply harnessing the same strategy for the purpose and intent of marketing.


A little over a month ago, Google launched its new program that is referred to as "Google Music Search". Individuals are able to discover new artists, find their favorite artists, and listen to music and other areas of the media through Google. The Google AdSense program lists songs under genre, artist, and song title. Overall, I think that this is a very beneficial internet marketing technique. Google is a company that feeds from the concept "opportunity". It obviously sees Bing as a positive marketing strategy. My guess is, we should all follow Google's lead and consider incorporating Bing into each of our online marketing techniques. To read more, visit this link:


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