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Google AdWords and Google Voice Introduce Call Metrics

If you use Google’s AdWords for your business, it is possible that your AdWords campaign might be bringing you more clients than you realize. So how do you measure the metrics?

Google announced the introduction of AdWords call metrics for advertisers. This is to measure the phone calls generated for your business from AdWords. This is a merging of the Google Voice technology. It assigns a unique phone number to your AdWords campaign which is automatically slotted into the ad, where the number is clickable.

When a number in the ad is called by a user, the call is automatically routed to the business and noted on AdWords. AdWords records this call for your AdWords reports so that the number of calls generated by each campaign is instantly visible to you. This includes the call duration and will incorporate the caller area code soon. Nothing extra is charged for the call at the moment and you only pay for the clicks on your ads, but that could change in the future.

At present, only a limited number of US advertisers have access to call metrics but Google plans to make it available to more advertisers in the nearest future.



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