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Google Announces Twitter Integration

Google recently announced that Twitter will be officially integrated into the search results page that it hosts. This comes directly after the Web 2.0 Summit that was held in San Francisco on October 21st of the year 2009. Microsoft worked with Google and decided that index messages placed on the social media website known as "Twitter". Microsoft has launched a program referred to as "Bing Twitter" which indexes Tweets on a real time basis. Google's indexing system is still being adjusted, but will occur very soon.


Individuals that are interested in online buzz marketing techniques should find this new announcement very exciting. Due to the fact that Tweets will be indexed on a real time basis, and Google is working on a system that will index the user submissions immediately, the backlinks contained within a Tweet will result in higher search engine ranking for the website that the backlink points to. As a result, individuals and corporations that have websites which utilize Google Adsense and Google Adwords will likely experience higher earnings as a result of higher amounts of traffic.


Google is the most popular search engine today as a result of the indexing strategies that it uses. Other companies that have a vested interest in increasing their revenues such as Microsoft and Yahoo are extremely excited due to the fact Twitter can be integrated into the software programs that they offer on a real time basis.


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