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Google Helps After Explosion

Google has been in the news a whole lot lately and nearly all of that news has been about the brand new features that Google has been rolling out, such as Google Instant, Google TV, and the new Walking Navigation update for Android phones. Google is also well known for stepping wherever a disaster strikes. Google helped out in Pakistan, China, Haiti, Chile, and lots of other places. Now, Google has stepped in to help in California with the fires that have killed several people and destroyed homes in San Bruno.


Google wants to be clear that no Google employees were harmed in the in the gas explosion or the subsequent fires. The main gas explosion occurred just two miles from the YouTube offices, but no one connected with Google was injured.


One way that Google is helping out in California is by a large donation. Google has already donated $50,000 to the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter, which is working on relief efforts. Google is also helping by directing users to locations where blood drives are being held and is hosting blood drives as well. The blood drives will be held at the offices in San Francisco, Mountain View, and San Bruno in the early part of next week.


Google is doing what it can to spread the word and get more help from both individuals and organizations. Google could possibly bring awareness of the situation to several million people through its blog and Twitter feed, possibly providing even more help. If any company will be able to spread the word and get help from all corners, it will be Google. As much as people may complain that Google has grown too large and doesn't have enough respect for small businesses or individual privacy, you can't deny that they step up when help is needed.


What do you think of what Google has done?



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