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Discount Strattera, Google announced today, a new way to measure how users interact with AdWords called “Click Type.” Click Type is a measurement tool which was created to help marketers track the effect of AdWords ads providing the means to compare the performance of each click type. It is now easier for marketers to determine what click types perform best for their business.

Click types can be compared by campaign, 500mg Strattera, Strattera canada, ad group or keyword, highlighting the areas that need more attention.

AdWords Type Click

Measuring the impact of the ads used on AdWords is a great tool to utilize if you want to know just what aspect of your ad is leading to higher conversions and which aspects are not engaging customers, Strattera uk. Strattera coupon, Google says AdWords users can hope to see more interactive features in AdWords.

Will the Click Type feature make any difference to how you analyze your ads on Google AdWords?

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